Quem pagará o enterro e as flores
Se eu me morrer de amores?

Não faz muito tempo que eu assisti o filme da vida de Vinicius de Moraes, realizado por Miguel Faria Jr.

Eu adorei o filme, mas não só adorei pela musica de Vinicius que é maravilhosa. E adorei porque agora eu conheço um pouquinho mais do Vinicius, do Vinicius poeta, do Vinicius apaixonado pelas mulheres e conheço também quão importante foi Vinicius pra muitos outros compositores, cantores e pra música brasileira.

Obrigado Vinicius! Sem você meu coração não saberia como expressar os sentimentos.



2 de noviembre del 2011. 19:30 hrs. Dentro del mixup en plaza Universidad.

—Hey Mike!

—What’s up dude?

—Do you remember that blonde girl I told you about?

—Of course I do, you’ve been talking about her the whole fucking week, what about her?

—Well, I’ll see her again, tonight.

—Dude, you fall in love every 2 weeks with a new girl.

—She’s awesome Mike, we’ve been sending each other killer spotify playlists, and the way she smiles makes me wanna grab her and kiss her so bad.

—You said the same about that girl with braces… Hey what’s the cd we’re looking for?

—Tom Waits, Bad as Me. You’re not listening Mike, It’s like we already know what the other one is thinking, she even give me that Doves cd I told you about, the one with Kingdom of Rust.

—I don’t know, everything it’s about music with you dude. I can’t find the cd.

—Let me see… It’s here Bad as me, your dad will love it.

—Hope so, and why will you see her in here?

—Yeah, we’re hitting the road for the weekend and we need to make a mix cd.

—Well hopefully you don’t comeback crying and crawling on your knees dude.

—Fuck off Mike! I’ll see you tomorrow.

—See you.

Pinche Mike, me caga que el pendejo lleve 8 meses aquí y no hable una puta palabra de español.